Sunday, November 15, 2009

Portal Power: Your Ad in Local Websites

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The pioneer of modern advertising, John Wanamaker’s famous anecdote goes - "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” So, how do we cut this waste in the digital advertising age?

What media do you use to advertise? Huge hoardings on highways ? The age-old tradition of boards on trees ? The ugly posters and untasteful paintings on spacious walls ? The small and large display sign boards in front of residential apartments and layouts ? That would only earn the wrath of most citizens who are conscious about preserving the environment and beauty of their neighbourhood. Door to door campaigns by sales person ? Who wants to waste their precious weekend by talking to sales persons who are well trained to take more and more of your time ? Noone likes ads that are untimely or out of place.

Let’s face it - Web is being used by billions of people everyday. Where there is communication, there is advertising; advertising on websites providing rich & well articulated content. As an economist would put it, think quality not quantity. Users need to be enticed by a well thought-out, strategically located, eye catching message that will draw their curiosity. The art of mastering internet advertising involves having both the technology and knowledge of the market.

Online consumers are much more sophisticated in their use of internet than most marketers realize. Online advertising trends show that only savvy and well-focused small web publishers are delivering the most effective advertisements.

Local Web Advertising a.k.a Geo Targeting

Some key findings...
  • With the emergence of local search, internet has now surpassed print Yellow Pages and newspaper as a primary source for local consumer service information.

  • People are more likely to use online searches to research the brands and local websites to find businesses that offer those brands. Half of these online local business searchers make purchases of products/services.

  • About two-thirds of those surveyed stated that they expected their search results to list business within 15 km of their homes or places of work.

  • Local businesses who claim to be big brands, almost always demand for hefty discounts in ad price.

  • A surprising number of local businesses are still without any kind of web presence.

Portal Power

Considering the continued growth in online searching for local providers, coupled with the rapid rise in the use of mobile devices for searching, local businesses can no longer afford to remain offline. Those who do so, will only miss potental customers who search online to discover products and services in their neighbourhood. Business profiles in portals give an excellant web identity to such business.

Myth #1 - We are BIG Brand! We do not need local ads
For small business, ads in local websites can be a bonanza, bringing customers flocking to your doorstep. But where's the benefit of playing in the local space for large, ubiquitous national or global brands? A manufacturer can encourage retail outlets to list "authorized [brand name] dealer" in their local business profiles.This strategy can lend legitimacy and lustre to the smaller retailer while making its giant supplier's brand even more ubiquitous. For big brands with their own regional office locations, advertising in local websites can be a great customer magnet.

Myth #2 - We have our own website; we do not need a profile in other portals.
Well - we got to remember that most educated consumers are netizens. To make a smart choice, they first like to compare products/services from the available list of suppliers/providers and then go to selected business that meets their criteria. Portals offer the sought after list with profiles. Proximity is a very important criterion and that is where local portals play an important role. They help your websites to be discovered more often. To have an edge over competitors, it is important that businesses tap this tremendous power of local portals. Being in a portal is being part of a community and that gives more credibility to your business. A killer profile in a local portal can work wonders.

So, if you own a business small or big, in Electronic City - Bangalore, get your profile up in By doing so, not only will you boost your online reputation, you will also be supporting your neighbourhood portal to build relevant information. We give free profiles only to non-profit organizations, charitable organizations and very small business ( like a cobbler or vegetable vendor) who is an essential part of our society, yet cannot afford a profile. No disparity in our quality of service to local clients however big or small. Ours is a portal crafted with quality content - To be with us or not is upto you...